Abingdon company making 15,000 ventilators for the NHS

Penlon, based in Abingdon, is playing a vital role during the Coronavirus pandemic by making 15,000 ventilators for the NHS. The motor racing team at McLaren are also assisting by making the trolleys.

It follows an urgent call by the Government for British industry to help meet demand.

The Penlon ESO 2 Emergency Ventilators have arrived at NHS Nightingale Hospitals in London and Bristol, with other units are being dispatched to NHS hospitals throughout the UK.

The machines are put through rigorous testing before being packed up and shipped.


Penlon’s factory has been making specialist medical equipment for decades. Their reputation has led to them getting the biggest commission for new ventilators in the UK during the crisis.

The company has been helped by some of the biggest firms in the South East, including BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and Airbus.

Penlon has more than 455 staff working in shifts during the pandemic. It means they can do six months’ work in just one day.

The Penlon Service and Applications team continue to provide on-site support seven days a week for NHS Nightingale Hospitals and COVID-19 hospitals that have Penlon systems installed.






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