Additional Restrictions Grant (Discretionary Grant Fund)

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To apply for the scheme, please click on the appropriate council’s link below.

Please ensure you apply under the correct district’s scheme. Applying under the incorrect district’s scheme will result in your application being rejected as ineligible.




The Additional Restrictions Grant (Discretionary Grant Fund) has been introduced to support those who are ineligible for the Local Restrictions Support Grant (for closed businesses).

Eligible businesses are able to apply for a grant of £2000.00.

The scheme opened at noon on Monday 16 November and will close at noon on Friday 4 December 2020. 

The scheme is suitable for:

  • Businesses that are legally required to close, but do not pay business rates
  • Businesses that are not legally required to close, but have been severely impacted by new restrictions

Who is ineligible?

As per the government guidance (November 2020), a business is ineligible for a this scheme if it:

  1. was not trading immediately prior to 5 November 2020
  2. is in administration, is insolvent or a striking-off notice has been made AND/OR
  3. has already received grant payments equal the maximum state aid limits

Priority Funding

To ensure that those in greater need of financial support receive help as soon as possible, we are prioritising applications from eligible businesses that did not receive funding during the first lockdown.
Prioritised grant applications will be processed and paid each week to ensure businesses receive funding as soon as possible. Remaining applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis following the scheme deadline.

Government guidance

The government guidance on the scheme can be found here.

What if I’m ineligible for the scheme?

If you are ineligible for the grant scheme, please take a look at our Resources page for additional support.