Corporate Social Responsibility Award

The Corporate Social Responsibility Award seeks to recognise businesses that are sustainable and have a positive effect on not only the economy, but also the environment and community.

Applications are welcome from all industries. If your company has forward thinking environmental policies, social goals, supports charities or community groups or has any similar initiatives, this award can help to showcase all the good work you do.

corporate social responsibility

The award has been kindly sponsored by Blustream Recruitment, based at Harwell Campus.

The consistent themes that the judges are looking at in applications across each award are:

  • An overview of the business and story so far
  • Why the business was established?
  • What makes it unique?
  • What are the ambitions for the future?

For this category, you may wish to provide evidence of:

  • How is the business socially responsible?
  • What is the local impact of the CSR strategy?
  • How are employees engaged with the business’ CSR efforts?
  • How is the commitment to being socially responsible promoted to customers and the community?
  • What positive impact has the CSR strategy had on the business and its employees?

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