Faraday Institution Announces New Energy Scholarship Programme as Part of Harwell EnergyTec Cluster Launch

The Harwell EnergyTec Cluster, with the Faraday Institution at its heart, launched on 9 May, uniting 30 academic, public and private organisations working to address and find solutions to the energy challenges laid out in the UK’s Industrial Strategy.

In addition to the launch, the Faraday Institution has announced a new undergraduate scholarship programme for students of financially and socially disenfranchised backgrounds that will benefit those who wish to pursue science and technology degrees, with an emphasis on energy storage science or engineering.

EnergyTec Cluster

Experts from the UK’s energy industries and leading research institutions met at the launch of the Harwell Campus EnergyTec Cluster and the opening of the Faraday Institution’s headquarters.

It was agreed that to deliver powerful success in the energy sector, it is essential to have an ecosystem that offers the combination of: education, training and support for start-ups and SMEs, in an environment where funding, research facilities and the right commercial accommodation are present.

The EnergyTec Cluster aims to become a global hub for innovation and Harwell is perfectly placed to be the catalyst for accelerating the UK’s energy capabilities, with its distinguished heritage in energy research. Harwell has also had many world firsts, including its innovation and commercialisation roles in battery research.

Core areas of focus for the cluster will include energy storage and battery technologies, carbon neutral alternatives to fossil fuels and smart technologies that will shape the future of carbon-free building design.

Dr Barbara Ghinelli, UKRI-STFC Director of Campus Business Development and Cluster Lead commented on the launch:

The Harwell EnergyTec Cluster is part of a well-established entrepreneurial ecosystem that facilitates collaboration and risk sharing, makes it easier to attract new investments and gain economies of scale whilst also tapping into a pool of highly-skilled people.

The Business Secretary Greg Clarke said:

“The UK leads the world in tackling climate change and batteries will form a cornerstone of our future low carbon economy. This landmark investment to launch the Faraday Institution and Harwell EnergyTec Cluster, through our Modern Industrial Strategy, ensures the UK will lead the world in powering the next global energy revolution.”

Founding Executive Chair of the Faraday Institution, Professor Peter Littlewood, commented:

“…Investing in training and technical education will not only advance the UKs energy capabilities but it addresses current inequalities of opportunity in the workplace and by working with industry we can bring secure, well-paying jobs to the whole of the country, at all skill levels.”

The  Michael Faraday Scholarship Programme

To help meet these objectives, the scholarship programme, available to students attending participating universities in the United Kingdom, will officially open in June and will cover tuition costs over 4 years.

Littlewood has stated:

“The Faraday Institution and the Harwell Campus are key exemplars of initiatives that will educate, enable and inspire new generations of UK scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to invent, innovate and commercialise radically new solutions that will create UK jobs, UK companies and global solutions. Many of the new and innovative UK energy storage companies can trace their origins back to Harwell – the education of new generations of energy experts will retain and grow this critical future component of UK industry.”

Working with the Government to find solutions to the Industrial Strategy Challenges, this latest Harwell cluster follows the development of successful Space and Life Sciences clusters.

With £246 million of government investment from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund for the Faraday Battery Challenge over four years, UK researchers and industrialists can seize the opportunities presented by the move to a low carbon economy.

For all media enquiries, please contact Lucy Pritchard at Harwell Campus on 07799 553510 or Matthew Howard at The Faraday Institution on 07741 853063.

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