Fire Safety for Businesses

As a result of Business Safety Week we’ve put together some fire safety resources to keep your business safe.

“Statistics show that in 2017-18 there were 162 fires in Oxfordshire businesses with about 14% (23) being deliberately set.” – Oxfordshire County Council.

Generic photo of firefighters fighting flames. Fire Safety.

Business Fire Safety

This year Business Safety week ran from 9 – 15 October. The campaign focused on providing information and advice to reduce the number of fire incidents and false alarms in the workplace. Both of which consequently impact business safety and productivity.

Tweets from @OxonFireRescue  during the week included reminders and tips including the below:

“If you live above a business, make sure your exit routes are clear and clutter free – not used as overspill storage areas.” 

“If business is booming, remember you may need to rethink fire safety. Review risk assessments, record info, make sure staff are trained regularly.”

Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service focused on education for restaurants and takeaways.

Here’s some useful content for all businesses:

Five Step Fire Risk Assessment

Responsibility for Fire Risk Assessments

Find a competent Fire Risk Assessor/Consultant

Fire safety and evacuation plans

Fire safety equipment, drills and training


Please contact us if you have any other topics you’d be interested to read about next.