2020 SVBA: Focus on the Visitor Experience Award

What is the Visitor Experience Award?

The Visitor Experience Award is suitable for all businesses involved in leisure, tourism, events and accommodation. These can include visitor attractions, hotels, restaurants, tour operators, golf clubs and any business that relies upon attracting visitors to the area.

Apply for the Visitor Experience Award here before 22 January.

Why are visitor experience businesses so important?

The transportation, accommodation, food and beverage and entertainment industries are vital in attracting tourists to the area. The main benefits of tourism are income creation and the generation of jobs.

Who is sponsoring the award?

visitor experience award - OX Magazine

The Visitor Experience award has been kindly sponsored by OX Magazine, based at Wicklesham Lodge Farm in Faringdon.

OX Magazine showcases the best of the county and enhances its pages with culture, theatre, literature and music. The magazine also features those people that inspire us and influence the city, the county, the arts and the rich history of the area.

Why apply?

The awards will be a great way to help: 

  • Raise the business profile with great local PR
  • Increase team spirit
  • Attract and retain the best employees
  • Win more customers
  • Form new partnerships with some of the best businesses in the area
  • Analyse and appraise your businesses strengths and opportunities

visitor experience award - why apply?

Key dates

  • Entries opened on 6 November.
  • The deadline for applications is Midnight on 22 January 2020.
  • Following the deadline, selected applicants will be asked to complete a second stage application to help our judging team to narrow entries down to a final three in each category.
  • Finalists will be announced on the SVBS website and via our Twitter account on 18 March. 
  • All finalists receive complimentary tickets to the evening ceremony at Williams Conference Centre on 22 May 2020.