£20 million Government programmes to help small businesses grow

The government is investing £20 million to improve small businesses’ management, productivity and problem-solving skills.

The help will be delivered through the Small Business Leadership Programme and the Peer Networks Programme.


Small Business Leadership Programme

The Small Business Leadership Programme will focus on strengthening leadership skills. The programme will equip business leaders with the confidence and leadership skills to plan for the future of their business, and ensure that they are in a great position to recover from the impacts of coronavirus.

The 10-week programme will teach participants how to maximise their business’s potential by improving productivity, organisation and efficiency. Business will undertake a series of 90-minute webinars delivered by leading business experts, and will also be required to complete up to two hours of independent study and peer supported learning per week.

Peer Networks Programme

The Peer Networks Programme will focus on helping business owners improve their problem-solving skills through a series of guided exercises.

Participants will take part in sessions where coronavirus-related business challenges will be discussed. These will include finding new customers and using technology to adapt a business model.

Members of the programme will be given skills in areas such as leadership and management, sales and marketing.


There are 2,000 places available on the Government Small Business Leadership Programme and 6,000 on the Peer Networks programme.


To check if you are eligible for the Small Business Leadership Programme and the Peer Networks Programme, click on the relevant links.



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