What is iDEA?
What badges are there?
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The benefits of iDEA
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We’ve been rolling out the iDEA programme with South and Vale based educational providers and businesses.


iDEAThe Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA, is an international programme that helps people develop digital skills for free.

iDEA is about lifelong learning, for anyone who wants to develop their skills. Our learners include school pupils, apprentices, business leaders, pensioners, students and community groups.

Through a series of online challenges, users complete interactive modules known as ‘badges’, which can be accessed for free on any device connected to the internet.

The badges vary in length and difficulty and there is a huge range to choose from.



The badges fit into five categories:

  • Citizen – badges include Staying safe online, Personal Statements and Teamwork
  • Worker – Colours, Digital Portfolios, Projects, Coding
  • Maker – Animation, Video Editing, Graphic Design, Making Websites
  • Entrepreneur – Advertising, Money Management, Problem Solving, The Art of Selling
  • Gamer – Game Designer, BAFTA Game Concept, Make a Game

We recommend…

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for iDEA by entering your details
  3. Once logged in click on your nickname in the top right-hand corner
  4. Select Edit Profile
  5. Type in the code SVBSSKILLS and press save/update


iDEA badges have been mapped against the National Curricula and the Skills Builder Framework.

This helps support life, employability and soft skills, as well as a range of specialist subjects such as enterprise and formal computing (digital literacy, computer science and IT).

Benefits for younger learnersBenefits for older people and organisationsBenefits for Schools and Colleges
Improve digital literacy and knowledgeUpskill in your current roleAn enrichment activity for students
Learn useful skills onlineIdeal for those who have no previous experience with technologyWorkshops with community groups
Discover new talents and find out about careersIdeal for those with a lack of digital literacyPart of outreach programmes
Employability skills for CVFree, flexible and easy to implementPart of learning and development programmes
Learn useful skills onlineRaise your profile with businessesA tool for digital inclusion and digital literacy initiatives
Awards are recognised by UCASAdd value to your organisationA way to support lifelong learning
Use iDEA for your Duke of Edinburgh Skills SectionIncrease digital learning and skills
A unique code credits users to you

Privacy Policy

Learners who are 13 and under should only use iDEA if they have confirmed that their parent, guardian, carer or teacher has granted them permission to access iDEA.

To confirm they’ve had permission, they will need to provide the name and email address of their parent, guardian, carer or teacher.

They will be prompted to enter the parent/guardian/carer/teacher email address after they have signed up and before they start doing iDEA Badges.


Nine in ten organisations admit that they currently have a shortage of digital skills in the workplace. One of our key objectives is to support businesses struggling to attract and retain skilled staff, particularly young people and graduates.

The Open University’s 2019 report, ‘Bridging the Digital Divide’, emphasises that 3 in 10 employers are looking to employ digitally skilled talent. When it comes to searching for a job, users of iDEA can download a personalised ‘Record of Achievement’, showcasing their newfound digital skills to potential employers.

As well as focusing on providing free training to school pupils and younger people who are thinking about their careers, we are also committed to helping people in their current roles upskill and develop their knowledge in new subject areas. 

The programme is also ideal for those who have no previous experience with technology, or a lack of digital literacy.


From June 2019 to now, we have introduced the scheme to over 30 schools and organisations, with a total of 839 learners actively taking part.

Users have completed over 1,000 badges, with 49 people earning their Bronze Award and 12 winning their Silver Award.

During this timeframe, we helped 200 learners to get started on the iDEA programme through the National Citizen Service (NCS), a voluntary personal and social development programme for 16 and 17-year-olds in England and Northern Ireland. 

The programme was introduced to all young people during their Social Action phase of NCS, to help them to start to think about their individual and group skills and expertise.


Larkmead School

Careers Lead, Claire Christiansen, said:

‘Not only has it helped my students develop new digital skills, it has improved their confidence & employability skills.

I’ve enjoyed doing it alongside them, learning with them and enhancing my own skills and knowledge.’


National Citizen Service (NCS)

Jon Clark, the NCS Social Action and Community Engagement Manager, said:

‘We had a great uptake of people signing up… We really enjoyed piloting the programme and it definitely helped stimulate conversation and engage the young people into their communities more. I would recommend it to others looking for a similar tool.’


Councillor Bethia Thomas and her son, Tom

‘While in lockdown my son, Tom, and I had a competition to see who would complete their Bronze Award first. I lost, although I will be going on to claim my Badge Champion Award!’

Tom said:

‘I really enjoyed participating in the iDEA Bronze Award, and I am looking forward to progressing onto the Silver Award. I especially enjoyed doing this alongside my DofE, and I am considering integrating the two in the future.’


Founder & CEO of Space Store, Stephen Ringler, hired a student from Didcot Girls School after seeing her iDEA achievements on her CV. Stephen said:

‘What I found impressive is that students were taking additional initiative to improve.  Those things go a long way on a CV since young people generally don’t have a lot of work experience.’


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