Climate Action is a key element of both South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils’ respective current Corporate Plans. The Corporate Plans set goals for the districts to be carbon neutral by 2030 in South Oxfordshire, and 2045 in Vale of White Horse. Net-zero


To help the Councils in achieving these goals, Team SVBS support and encourage local businesses to respond to climate change. Specific areas of our work include: Net-zero

  • Supporting businesses to move more strongly towards a low carbon economy
  • Providing information of relevant funding streams to support low carbon improvements
  • Compiling examples of relevant projects to inspire businesses
  • Supporting the creation of low carbon enterprises in the area
  • Helping to develop skills in low carbon infrastructure and installation

Oxfordshire Greentech partnership – net-zero

Chief among the resources to help us address these areas is our strategic partnership with Oxfordshire Greentech, the low carbon network for Oxfordshire businesses.

Working with Greentech, we are delivering a range of activities to support the Councils’ objectives. Find out more on our dedicated webpage.

We encourage you to keep an eye on our “Projects” tab for news of current initiatives to support net zero aspirations, and sign up to the SVBS newsletter at the bottom of this page to be kept in the loop with all relevant announcements.



If your business needs support to realise your climate ambitions, or you’re already operating in a low carbon manner and would like to showcase your work to the Councils’, please contact us.

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