OxLEP’s Peer Networks programme is now live!

OxLEP’s Peer Networks programme targets SME leaders that want to grow and develop their organisation for future success.

The programme is bringing together diverse cohorts of business leaders so you can discuss your business challenges with your peers. Delivered through a series of high impact group sessions, you will gain and reflect on valuable feedback from your peers and identify practical solutions to overcome your business challenges.

You will then choose which coach, mentor or business advisor to work with to further explore solutions to your challenge. This is a great opportunity to create an expert virtual team to help you and your business to succeed.



The Peer Networks programme includes:

  • Interactive action learning
  • Trained facilitators
  • Small groups
  • Flexible topic selection
  • One to one coaching

The Peer Networks programme is available to any SME business (trading in Oxfordshire) that has (or had between March 2019 and March 2020):

  • Operated for at least a year
  •  At least 5 employees (or full-time associates if in the Creative industry sector*)
  • A turnover of at least £100,000
  • An aspiration to improve

*Creative industry sector includes advertising and marketing, architecture, crafts, design, fashion, film, TV, Radio and photography, music, performing and visual arts, publishing, Computer games and computer programming, museums, galleries and libraries.

Businesses will:

  • Overcome business challenges and recognise and act on new opportunities
  • Build a trusted network of connections to support them now and in the future
  • Improve their long-term personal and business performance

Find out more on the OxLEP website.


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