Selling to the councils


Are you interested in selling to the councils?

The councils buy goods and services from a variety of contractors, ranging from someone who is self-employed to national organisations.

To provide cost-effective services for our residents, the councils often operate a joint procurement process, and therefore award joint contracts.

The aims of the procurement strategy are:

  • to bring value for money to the forefront of any expenditure when procuring services, goods and works
  • to ensure efficient and economic contracts are in place, that are managed well
  • to reduce costs and risk within the supply chain
  • to ensure council spending contributes to the economic, social, and environmental benefits for our communities

Selling opportunities for local businesses

Opportunities to supply your services or goods to the councils are often available, either direct or as a sub-contractor.

If you are interested in selling to the councils, you will need to register on the South East Business Portal. Please note that contracts for both councils can be located under ‘South Oxfordshire District Council’.


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