Strategic Economic Advice

SVBS offer strategic economic advice on commercial developments. If you need support to understand how your development could support local and national economic objectives, and how it might link with targets set in economic policies, then we encourage you to get in touch.


SVBS also offer support in the preparation of Community Employment Plans. Community Employment Plans help to ensure that the construction industry has the right skills available at the right time, by creating local jobs and training opportunities associated with the development.

CEPs also include longer term education and social benefits by linking developments with local schools, colleges, and charitable organisations – they can even influence supply chain localisation, offering environmental benefits to both developer and the local area, through “Meet the Buyer” events.

We believe CEPs are win/win for everyone involved, offering a great tool to help positively integrate new developments with the local community, and increase the range of social benefits achieved through new developments.

There is currently no cost for the CEP advice we offer. Our team will work with OxLEP, using our combined local knowledge and expertise to help design your CEP, agreeing targets that are appropriate and achievable.

We also offer monitoring of the plan to ensure your development is on track. We can also offer recent examples of CEPs completed in the area, and the beneficial outputs achieved.



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