Success at the Berinsfield Pop Up Business School

The results are in for the success of the Pop Up Business School, held in Berinsfield in April. The event report, created by Pop Up Business School, summarises who attended and what they got out of the course.

What is the Pop Up Business School?

The intensive course was sponsored by South Oxfordshire District Council and the South and Vale Business Support team and ran between 10:00 am and 15:00 pm daily, with a focus on discussing different subject areas each day. Topics included:

  • Starting a business with no money
  • Building a website for free
  • Getting to the top of Google searches
  • Taking online payments
  • Marketing and social media
  • Taxes and company structure

Who attended?

74 people attended at some point during the week, with a core of 67 participants attending every day. People travelled from as far as Croydon, Southampton and Leicester to attend the event as well as plenty of local residents from Wallingford, Rowstock and Kennington. 

Of the attendees 38 per cent were unemployed and 27 self employed and 34 per cent had run a business before.

What did attendees gain from the event?

43 per cent of attendees were trading by the end of the week with 50 per cent almost ready. An amazing 30 per cent already having made a sale by the end of the week. As well as 33 per cent having a website published and 50 per cent already in progress.

You can visit the website pages and social media pages through the event report.

Why do we sponsor Pop Up Business School courses?

As part of our BIS Action Plan 2017 to 2020 we strive to support businesses to grow and ensure they benefit from support that is available. 

The results of the event report shows that the course generates a £43 return for every £1 invested. The course also increases economic activity in the area by supporting more residents to become self employed and contributes £536,751 to the economy per annum. 

The feedback from attendees showed how appreciative they are for the opportunity to attend the free course.

How you can get involved

We are sponsoring another Pop Up Business School event which will run between 7 and 11 October in Shrivenham. Keep an eye on the events page for South and Vale Business Support for details closer to the time.

Also, if you can’t attend our next event you can use the Pop Up Business School’s step by step online guide. This guides you, in 20 steps, how to start a business and make money without spending anything.

We are always sharing information of business related news and events through our newsletter, website and twitter, so keep in touch to find out more.