Sunday Trading consultation results

Local traders and residents in the Vale of White Horse were asked for their views on proposals which could see Sunday trading hours extended for larger shops.

Under arrangements which were established over 20 years ago, large shops with more than 280 square metres floor space are currently only allowed to open for up to six hours between 10am and 6pm on a Sunday, while smaller premises can open all day.

In response to the changing way people do their shopping the Government put forward proposals to devolve Sunday trading laws to local councils in order to allow greater flexibility over the hours that large shops can stay open for.

It is hoped that by allowing local flexibility for Sunday trading, consumers will be offered more choice when to shop locally, businesses will have more freedom on opening hours and staff greater opportunity to work on a Sunday.

Under a devolved arrangement Vale of White Horse District Council would take on new powers allowing them to determine Sunday trading hours locally and the areas that this would apply to.

The council now will submit their response to the proposals having undertaken a consultation. The consultation ended on 10 September and the results can now be viewed here – Sunday trading hours – consultation summary.