COVID-19: Supporting your blind and partially sighted customers


As we begin to move out of lockdown, the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) has created a guide for businesses to dramatically improve their experience for blind and partially sighted customers.

The guide provides practical tips and guidance on how to make your business accessible for people with perfect sight (or ‘20/20 vision’) and those who see darkness, and for people who see or nothing at all.

It’s important to remember that blind and partially sighted people don’t necessarily “look blind”. Not all blind and partially sighted people wear dark glasses, have a cane or a guide dog, so be mindful that it may not always be
obvious. If you think that someone might require assistance or they have a visual indicator (which includes wearing the sunflower lanyard or social distancing indicator), a simple introduction and “Is there anything I can assist you with?”, can go a long way.

The guide offers advice on:

  • Visual indicators and awareness
  • In-store and customer experience
  • Innovative accessible solutions
  • Home delivery and Click & Collect
  • Online, social media and video content
  • RNIB Business Services



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