Three weeks until the Didcot Pop Up Business School!

The Pop Up Business School team are coming to Didcot’s Civic Hall in just three weeks!

Date and time:
27 – 31 January
10:00 – 15:00

Register to attend for free here. 

What is the PopUp Business School?

The PopUp Business School is an exciting five-day course which will show you practical ways to get a business idea off the ground and launch it online – without spending any money. 
The course is completely free to attend and is open to absolutely anyone looking to start a business, including the long term unemployed and budding entrepreneurs, and business owners who need a hand on marketing their product or service. 

What will I learn?

The multi-day course has a focus on teaching different subjects each day. You do not have to commit to every day but the more days you attend, the more you will get out of the course.

business school

What will I gain from attending?

At the last Pop Up Business School we sponsored in Shrivenham 48 per cent of attendees were trading by the end of the week with 48 per cent almost ready. An amazing 34 per cent already having made a sale by the end of the week. As well as 55 per cent having a website published and 41 per cent already in progress.

Read more about the success of our previous events in Shrivenham, Berinsfield and Faringdon.

If you can’t attend our next event in Didcot you can use the Pop Up Business School’s step by step online guide. This guides you, in 20 steps, how to start a business and make money without spending anything.